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Differences and Prices Between Versions of Windows 7

Most users only choose between two versions. Microsoft said that 80% of users will deploy Windows 7 Home Premium (consumer) or Windows 7 Professional (small businesses, teleworkers). This is where Microsoft puts most of its marketing power.

Windows 7 Home Basic

Home Basic is located between Starter and Home Premium. It has all the features of Windows 7 Starter and is only available through OEM partners in developing countries. Also similar to Starter, it does not include the Aero Glass GUI. Home Basic can run more than three applications at the same time; a 64-bit version; thumbnail previews from the taskbar; and the Mobility Center, which allows you to manage the various networks connected to the laptop.

Windows 7 Home Basic Product Key is $27.63

Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium has all the features of Starter and Home Basic, and then there are some features. This is the mainstream retail version that almost all consumers will use. Windows 7 Home Premium will be available globally to Microsoft OEMs and will be sold at retail stores that have new PCs. Home Premium includes new Windows navigation features such as Aero Glass GUI and Aero Glass, Aero Background, Windows Touch, Home Group Creation, Media Center, DVD Play and Creation, Advanced Games and Mobile Center.

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key is $28.62

Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Professional is also available to original equipment manufacturers and retailers worldwide, with Home Premium features, but with enhanced network and data protection features for small businesses and those who frequently work from home. Windows 7 Professional does not include more popular business features.

Windows 7 Professional Product Key is $29.61

Windows 7 Enterprise Edition

Windows 7 Enterprise can only be offered to companies through volume licensing. It contains all the features of Windows 7 Professional and more security and networking features. Features that distinguish Enterprise and Professional include: BitLocker (encrypts data on internal and external drives); DirectAccess (connects to corporate networks without a VPN); AppLocker (prevents unauthorized software from running); and BranchCache (speeds up branch office access Remote file speed). Windows 7 Enterprise is designed for the business community and can only be used by large enterprises. It will not be provided at the retail or original equipment manufacturer for pre-installation on a new PC.

Windows 7 Enterprise Product Key  $73.04

Windows 7 Ultimate

Ultimate, an oversized version of Windows, contains all the features of all other versions. Think of it as Windows 7 Enterprise for consumer use.

Ultimate will be the most expensive version, so many people will use it instead of occasionally super users wanting all possible features. Microsoft is unlikely to vigorously promote Windows 7 Ultimate. Most common users don’t need all the security and networking features, and for companies that are not yet in the Windows 7 enterprise, there does not seem to be much Ultimate functionality.

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key is  $30.59