How to Install Windows 7 Step By Step


Installation process
Just like in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, unlike earlier versions of Windows, Windows 7 did not have an explicit textual stage during the installation process, and it would boot directly into the graphical user interface (GUI) mode.

After a while, you will see the first prompt, click “Next”, select the setting language. Click the “Install Now button”.

Next, accept the license terms and click “Next”. Next, press the Custom (Advanced) Installation Type button unless you are upgrading an existing Windows installation. Note that in this case, the upgrade button is disabled because if you do this specific installation on a new computer without any previous operating system. The next stage is to choose the installation partition. Because this computer has a new hard disk that has not yet been formatted, you can only choose to create a new partition on it. The next step is to start the installation.

The installation process will now begin copying files from the installation DVD media to the hard disk.

Depending on the type of hardware your computer uses, the process may take some time. In my VM test example for this demo, the entire process was completed before the completion of the first three paragraphs, so it can be very fast. The computer will restart and you will see the prompt to set the user name and computer name. By default, the name of the computer will be username-PC, where username is the username you entered. Click on “Next”. Enter the user’s password. Click on “Next”.

Next, enter your product key. If you do not have a product key at hand, you can still click Next and continue with the installation. After installing Windows, you will be asked to enter the product key.

Set the time and location and other click on the next step.

Windows will finish setting up and display your desktop.

Before installing the step without entering a key, if you want a genuine key to activate your windows 7, you can watch the video below. The product key is obtained from